4 Easy, Not-So-Crafty Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids

Ok winter, I’m done with you.  The Leeb household is right smack dab in the middle of the”cabin fever” crazies!  Three kids cooped up inside for three whole months is wearing on this momma.  How about you?  And let’s be real–I’d really like to just let them watch TV all day (and I sometimes do), but I also have moments where I want to do something more.

What to do…what to do—especially when you’re a not-so-crafty mom like me?

You scour the internet looking for ideas only to find that there are mostly very crafty moms out there posting ideas which then makes you feel badly about not being a crafty mom so you pout for a moment and then realize how silly that is and you celebrate that God made other moms crafty and not you and that’s ok because you still have worth and value and can have fun with your kids without being crafty.  Whew.  (I know, you should live in my head).

So, I decided to muster up every ounce of previous teaching creativity that I once had that hasn’t been drained out of me over the last eight years since becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Here goes…

4 Easy, Not-So Crafty Indoor Activities to Do With Your Kids:

  1. Dance:  Put on a CD.  Pull up a You Tube video.  You can even sing some songs if you are the singing type…which I’m not…but maybe you are and just dance-which in our family just means running around in a circle but hey, it’s movement and something fun to break up the day!
  2. Blow up Balloons:  Serious, cheap fun.  You can blow them up and let them fly around the room (I don’t know who laughed more about this–my husband and I or our kids).  Or you can tie them and hit them back and forth.  My oldest loves to see how many times we can hit it back and forth without touching the ground. kid activities.JPG
  3. Play-Doh:  Hours of fun.  Yes, I hate the mess.  But it’s worth it.  Just let it dry and vacuum or sweep it up.
  4. Beach Day:  Put some towels on the floor.  Make a space to be “the ocean” and swim and splash each other.  Sometimes, I even blow up a beach ball and let the kids hit it around.  They’ve eaten gotten out water wings and goggles.  And we even have a picnic lunch on the beach and sit on the beach towels to eat our lunch. You can watch beach day in action with this 42 second clip.  Enjoy!

Lord, help us to be creative with our kids as we press on to get through these winter blahs!  Multiply our patience and energy too.  Open our eyes each day to see the blessings right in front of us.  Amen.


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