Why I Hate it When My Kids Run

I hate it when my kids run–especially when they’re little.  Their steps are so awkward.  They are incredibly uncoordinated and let me get to the real reason….

They always fall! 

I hate it.  It always happens.  Then there is the inevitable tears, crying, any number of ouchies, and the obligatory hug from me– when really in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I told you not to run.” 

I do.   I literally tell my kids not to run.  My youngest started running for the first time at the park and all I kept saying to him was:  “No, no, no.”   “Don’t run buddy.”   “Go slowly.”   “You’re going too fast.”  “You’re going to fall down.”  But off he went.  Running as fast as his little feet could go.  Giggling.  Laughing.  Loving this new freedom. 

I wanted to stop him.  I wanted to protect him, but I smiled and let him go.  There was nothing I could do…except pray (and take pictures). 

And so, I let him run!

But sure enough…just as I had predicted…knew what was coming…dreaded all along, he fell! 


Captured just as he was starting to fall.  I can’t believe I captured it. 


Helplessly, I watched as he put his hands out in front of him and fell flat on his face.  There was nothing I could do to stop it from happening.  He cried and cried.  I ran over and picked him up to survey the damage.  He appeared to be ok.  He kept holding out his hands to me and I kissed them.  I wiped away his tears. 

He sat on my lap for only a moment.  He got up, walked a few steps forward, and looked back at me and smiled.  And then off he went again…running as fast as his little feet would go. 

I cried.  I realized in that moment that this was how life was going to be with my kids.  As a mom, I can love them, teach them, guide them, warn them and try to stop them from getting hurt.  And all those things are important and I need to do them.  But eventually, they are simply going to run on their own.  They’re going to fall down.  They are going to get hurt.  They are going to experience pain and disappointments. 

I know at times I’m going to feel so helpless.  Sometimes I won’t be able to stop them from falling flat on their faces.  All I can do is love them unconditionally…be there to pick them up…hug them…kiss their boo boo’s…help them get back on their feet…let them go…watch them run again…and pray!

And continue to take lots of pictures!

Lord, our kids are in Your loving hands.   Protect them.  Help them to make wise choices.  As moms, guide us to train them the way that they should go and help us to trust You more, worry less, and be more joyful as they run through life.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen!


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